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Graham Waterhouse

Composer and Cellist

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GW60 FESTKonzert

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"Song Settings"

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5.11.22 19:00 GW60 (Geburtstags Festkonzert)
Allerheiligen Hofkirche, München
Werke von Graham Waterhouse (Streich-Sextett op. 1, Neues Werk für Quartett, Skylla und Charybdis, Dragonesque, Praeludium)

26.11.22, 19:00

StreicherFreizeit Festkonzert
Aula des Waldorfschule, Gröbenzell
Werke von Grieg, Mendelssohn und G. Waterhouse (Sphinx für 2 Streichorchester, UA)

30.6.22 19:30 Kammerkonzert Klarinette/Cello/Klavier
Movimento, München
Nino Gurevic, Klavier
Ionas Mercadal, Klarinette
Graham Waterhouse, Cello
Werke von Weber, Chopin, Graham Waterhouse (Concentricities, W Tatry für Cello solo UA)

28.5.22 18:00 Lange Nacht der Musik, Gilching, Christoph Probst Gymnasium
Graham Waterhouse - Eleven Smithereens for Cello solo - Graham Waterhouse, Cello

Discoveries 2: Music for mezzo-soprano, cello and piano by and with Graham Waterhouse

Anna Doris Capitelli, mezzo-soprano
Miku Nishimoto Neubert, piano
Graham Waterhouse, cello

Graham Waterhouse: Les Tantrums d'Arlequin for cello and piano (2001)
Graham Waterhouse: Hinx Minx for mezzo-soprano and piano (2016)
Graham Waterhouse: Shravana for mezzo-soprano, cello and piano (2022, UA)
Graham Waterhouse: Fergus for mezzo-soprano and piano (2018)
Charles-Valentin Alkan: Sonata de Concert for cello and piano (1857)

Discoveries 2 contrasts the large-scale cello sonata by Charles-Valentin Alkan (1813–1888) with more recent works by Graham Waterhouse. The world premiere is »Shravana« (Sanskrit: »to hear«) for mezzo-soprano, piano and cello, with settings of Buddhist texts and a haiku. The song cycle »Hinx Minx« is based on Victorian nursery rhymes, sometimes eccentric or crude.
Alkan's "Sonate de Concert" is a romantic work, with singing melodies and full of virtuosity. In a juxtaposition of sublime and trivial elements, the music anticipates Gustav Mahler.

In collaboration with NEUSTART KULTUR and the Alkan Society, London
(Graham Waterhouse, Wessling)



Saturday March 12, 2022

7:30 p.m. | Small Concert Hall | Gasteig

This is to announce a Livestream Concert from Gilching, Bavaria, on Saturday 8th May 2021, 7:30 pm (6:30 pm UK time) under the website:


with works for soprano, cello, piano by G. Handel, R. Strauss, A. Zemlinsky and G. Waterhouse.


Man in the Moon is based on a remarkably contemporary-sounding medieval poem. The two songs from the cycle Emerald Spring are settings of Irish female poets, one written in the Victorian era and one in the 1970s. Der Schimmelreiter was inspired by the dark and stormy hues of the novel by Theodor Storm. Fergus sets a poem by W.B. Yeats.


We would be delighted to have your virtual company on that evening, please do join us!



8th of May 2021

19:30 O'Clock
Free Livestream

Concert | Kunstforum Gilching

„Skylla und Charybdis“


Kammermusikwerke von Graham Waterhouse und Ludwig v. Beethoven


Katharina Sellheim, Klavier | David Frühwirth, Violine | Namiko Fuse, Violine | Konstantin Sellheim, Viola |  Graham Waterhouse, Cello



G. Waterhouse - Kolomyjka für Klavierquartett

G. Waterhouse - Skylla und Charybdis für Klavierquartett

G. Waterhouse - Variations für Cello solo (DE)

G. Waterhouse - Bells of Beyond für Klaviertrio

Beethoven/G. Waterhouse - 11 Neue Bagatellen nach op.119 für Streichquartett (UA)

G. Waterhouse - Rhapsodie Macabre (letzter Satz)



6th of March 2021

19:00 O'Clock
Free Livestream

Concert | Munich

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Composer and Cellist Graham Waterhouse was born in London in 1962 into a musical family and has lived in Munich since 1992. He received his musical education at Highgate School, Cambridge University and at the Folkwang Universität der Künste in Essen and the Hochschule für Musik Köln. In 2018 he was awarded a PhD (in composition) from Birmingham City University, UK.
Graham Waterhouse's PhD Thesis, consisting of Scores, an Analytical Commentary and Recordings can be found at the following link.



Eight Bagatelles
Eight Bagatelles for clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2017)
5.Space Lord
8.Galactic City
UA 8th of October 2017, München
Tatiana Sikorskaja, Piano
Önder Baloglu, Violine
Hans-Joachim Büsching, Clarinet
Graham Waterhouse, Cello
The initial idea for the Bagatelles came from a picture of an installation entitled "Ilya Kabakov, the man who flew into space from his apartment". This sparked off an imaginery science-fiction narrative, appealing to the generation brought up with Dr Who and "Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy". Kabakov encounters various apochrophal characters, situations, states of mind before his journey is finally cut short when he confronts the galactic city.
Ilya, sitting peacefully at his place,
was one sunny Sunday suddenly catapulted into space.
On leaving earth's athmosphere far below,
he found himself weightless, top to toe.
His first terrifying encounter was with a demonic extra-terrestial,
in the shape of a beast most bestial.
He soothed his nerves and calmed his mood,
humming an otherwordly melody from his child-hood.
Who should o'er-hear him, hand in laser-Sword,
but the forbidding, the black-masked Space Lord.
They chatted about times present, future and past,
Ilya's vision of life in the stars grew fast.
On he accelerated, past time-warps and nebulae,
past dopplar effects and meteorae.
His progress was halted with dazzling alacrity,
on coming face to face with the menacing Galactic City.
Graham Waterhouse
There are eight shortish pieces, each different in length, scoring and mood. The music encompass a broad spectrum between dissonance and euphony, sophistication and commonplace. The Bagatelles explore one sentiment each; they are fleeting visions of an outlandish imaginery scenario.


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