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Critique by Remy Franck in pizzicato


Contemporary Chamber Music


"...Rhapsodie Macabre is a partly eerie partly contemplative composition for piano quintet, while Bells of Beyond for piano trio, as the title suggests, tends towards the musical beyond. Scylla and Charybdis for piano quartet is also a very exciting piece, whose dazzling music is of lasting effect. The performances are committed and of highest musical quality. Those who wish to expand their horizons of contemporary chamber music will find here a wealth of refined, varied and rhetorical music."

(Farao B108108) – ♪♪♪♪


Purchasing a CD


Please send an email to mentioning a postal address 

Cost: 15,00 Eur (including VAT) plus 3,90 Eur (postage and packing) 

= 18,90 Eur

Pay in advance - Bank details are submitted after request.

Free copies of the CD are available for review purposes. 


Best regards and many thanks for your attention, 


Graham W.


Dr Graham Waterhouse 

Composer - Cellist

Weichselbaum 9

D-82234 Wessling

+49 (0)8153 908263

=49 (0)1522 1554604 (Mob.)

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